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Cargonomia and the Open Garden Foundation’s 1% campaign

Nyitott Kert alapítvány
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The Open Garden Foundation and Cargonomia cooperate to support sustainable community transition projects, and the strengthening of cooperation between urban and rural initiatives in providing meaningful solutions to modern social, environmental and economic challenges.

Cargonomia is an open community workspace which works to promote sustainable bicycle based logistics and increased access to healthy, locally produced foods in Budapest. The Open Garden Foundation works to implement educational and outreach projects which promote sustainable agriculture and shorter, more transparent food chains in Hungary.

2021 was a fruitful year for Cargonomia and partners, even if we were still feeling the effects of the pandemic on social and convivial life: 

  • We acquired a traditional adobe house and small garden plotin order to develop a community organic gardening education center at an additional location in the village of Zsámbok.
  • We purchased a new cargobike to add to our community cargobike sharing fleet, and we organized numerous participatory outreach programs focusing on everyday cargobike usage for families.
  • We developed and strengthened cooperation with new and old partners (Co-working space with Valyo, vegetable box distribution at Golya and great logistics cooperation with Golya Futar).
  • We participated in and organized several workshops, in particular for children and youth, along with discussions, events about Degrowth, sustainable agriculture, logistics, community transition and more.

Our team members also published several articles, interviews, podcasts and contributed in books and research:

Our traineeship programme was flourishing with the publication of a timeline reflecting on our 10 year long journey and a series of interviews with partners reflecting on Degrowth in theory and practice.
See our call for 2022 here.

For 2022 we are already looking forward to a number of great projects in the works:

  • A new partnership will start with Lumen, from where we plan to organize our weekly vegetable box distribution from the 24th of February.
  • Based on appropriate technology and traditional architecture, we will start the renovation of the over 100 year old traditional adobe house in Zsambok. We applied and were selected to receive support for organizing a participatory summer volunteer camp in collaboration with the Nagyapam Haza organization. Stay tuned for more information! 
  • Our friends and partner, Cyclonomia, will host the Cyclocamp. More to be announced soon.
  • In the spring, we will organize at The Central European University and in Zsambok a regional conference on Degrowth with a particular focus on food.

In addition, we will continue to work to spread knowledge of organic gardening practices and bicycle repair and usage competency through workshops in schools, urban gardens and community spaces in the city and countryside. We will also work together to further develop our community cargobicycle and trailer sharing system in Budapest.

In addition to our urban activities we will continue to help organize a host a number of open educational events in the garden in Zsámbok while working to maintain our community fuel wood and agroforestry project (in collaboration with the PAD Foundation for Environmental Justice) which helped plant over around 1000 saplings in the garden plot.

Feel free to contact us, join us.

Stay tuned, keep safe and meet soon.

The partnership supports:

We thank you for supporting our activities!

Nyitott Kert alapítvány
Adószám: 18683019-1-13

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 More about our activities in 2020, in particular while facing the pandemics: