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Support Cargonomia Campaign: 10 Days Left

We are entering into the last step of our campaign to support Cargnomia, center for sustainable logistical solutions and local food distribution by cargobike in Budapest.
In the last weeks and since the launch of the project we have already received a generous amount of support and publicity. We thank you for your contributions. We are requesting additional support to keep our initiative going and to finance key elements within the project, in particular new locally crafted cargobikes.

 Cargonomia is an example that sustainable and meaningful alternatives already exist, and solutions to social and economic crisis can be found locally in equitable environments focusing on sustainable, healthy practices.
Altogether with its partners, Cargonomia is responsible for maintaining more than fair and equitable employment opportunities and we are continuously looking for new partners in the field of popularizing the usage of cargobikes in everyday life.
We have just launched a new gift, for 45 euros, we would be happy to meet you and share our experiences and open-source tools and know-how. One of the main goasl of Cargonomia is not to grow but to help others to implement their own meaningful projects.
Also, you can order a box of vegetables, organic bread or Haziko sandwiches and catering services. Also, visit our DiY bikeshop and low-tech workshop.
Thanks for supporting and sharing our campaign,

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