Conference : Food for Degrowth in Central Europe – 13.14 may 2022

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Cargonomia and Sustainable CEU, the CEU Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy would like to invite you to a conference event which will explore the prospects for Degrowth in the Central European context, with a particular focus on food production systems. With the input of key regional degrowth experts, we will reflect and debate on how degrowth in practice, as a new matrix of expertise, action and policy, can respond to the environmental, social and peace challenges we face while highlighting the potential of existing food system alternatives within the region. Join us to continue the convivial debate on how degrowth offers a meaningful analysis of the current situation while presenting pathways for peaceful transition from fossil fuel dependency. Registration is required for in person attendance on either or both days of the conference. Please see the full conference program and register here:…/conference-food-degrowth…

Conference Program:
May 13th, Central European University, Nador Street 15 Room 103
Session 1: (10:00-12:00) Introduction to Degrowth & Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide
Lunch (12:00-13:00)
Session 2: (13:30-15:00) Food For Degrowth in Central Europe
Session 3: (15:30-17:00) Action Research and Experiments with Degrowth in Practice
Session 4: (17:30-19:00) Prospects of Degrowth in Central EuropeMay 14th, Zsámboki Biokert, Organic Farm, Zsámbok, Hungary
10:00-12:00 Visit and Tour of Zsámboki Biokert, and introduction to short food supply chains in Hungary
12:00-14:00 Organic Lunch
14:00-16:00 Case Study workshop: The State of Agroecology in the BioEast Region: Central Europe & the Baltic and Balkan Region