You are currently viewing EXPLOR2ING : Ecofeminism and Anna Margit

EXPLOR2ING : Ecofeminism and Anna Margit

Ecofeminism and Degrowth :

If degrowth appears to be a radical alternative to our current societal model, ecofeminism also invites us to rethink relationships of domination between men, women and nature. In this third edition we wanted to question the articulation between these two critical projects which seem to overlap on many points.

But which ecofeminism(s) are we talking about? How can we imagine new connections with nature ? What are the concrete approaches to move towards a new society ?…

This week in “Exploring : Approaches of sustainable initiatives and degrowth in Hungary ”, we meet Anna Margit an ecofeminist, gardener and creator of a shared garden and a community space in Budapest.

Ecofeminism – Anna-Margit

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