You are currently viewing EXPLOR2ING : Politics and Rebeka Szabó

EXPLOR2ING : Politics and Rebeka Szabó

Politics and Degrowth :

Since we have shown that degrowth proposes to set up a new model of society linked to questions of education, urbanism, economy… we have to focus now on political side.

What is the role of politician in these changes? To what extent they can act for it? What is the most judicious political model to implement degrowth? Is an increased citizen’s participation through a new political system possible? …

To approach these issues, we discussed about scales of action, place of science in the political debate and many other topics with Rebeka Szabo, deputy mayor of the XIV district of Budapest and co-founder of the green party Párbeszéd Magyarországért (Dialogue for Hungary).

Politics – Rebeka Szabo

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