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A well-functioning city needs cargo bikes in order to make downtown transportation more efficient, easy and sustainable. Our mission at Cargonomia is to promote cargo bike usage, and our main goal is to host and organize events in connection with cargo biking and sustainable living, to facilitate a platform where everyone can try, rent or buy a cargo bike, while we are also helping customers with advices.

Cargo bikes are used in Europe and other continents since more than 100 years, mainly because of their effectiveness in shaping the infrastructure of cities, and their positive impact on the air quality and well-being of urban residents. The cost of cargo bike operation is nearly zero, and you don’t even have to pay for parking. Furthermore, it’s one of the quickest urban means of transport, easy to use for everyone, and because of its versatility, you can basically carry anything on it (boxes, furniture, a dog or even your grandma).

Cargonomia is a low-tech center for sustainable transport solutions in urban areas. We have years of experience in transport and distribution of goods by cargo bike in Budapest. Also, within our team of partners, we have expertise in designing and constructing different types of cargo bikes and trailers.

Cargonomia is also a pick-up point for different products. We are aiming to help local food producers (organic food producers, vineries, apiaries etc.) in creating a link between them and consumers, in order to facilitate beneficial and long-lasting relationships.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or you are interested in cargo bikes, feel free to contact and/or visit us at any time!