Almost 10 years, Cargonomia’s adventure started. Since then a lot has happened. We had the opportunity to cooperate with a large diversity of great partners and to be involved in a large scale of projects and events. In the spring 2021, confined again because the Covid-19 pandemics, our team of trainees, Youna, Corentine and Yousra, suggested to create a timeline to navigate the history of this open and collective human adventure.
We are happy to launch the first version of this timeline and to share it with you.
From its prehistory to the launch of the project, we invite you to navigate, year after year, from one project to an event, from one publication to a video? Feel free to discover our partners and friends. If you participated in some of our steps, feel free to re-visit the great time we spent together.
The timeline will be completed and updated regularly.