levyLevente Erős, expert of urban logistics and engineering, founder and manager of multiple startups. Kantaa, a Budapest based bike messenger company he founded in 2011 annually organizes a holiday tree delivery service during the Christmas season. Within the Cargonomia project, he coordinates the home delivery system for locally produced goods, while also managing the cargo bike rental system and bicycle education outreach programs.

Adrien_ccAdrien Havas
, with an educational background in transport engineering, he is the co-founder of the Cyclonomia Do it Yourself Bicycle Cooperative in Budapest. He designs and constructs trailers and cargobikes which are used transporting items and for lending to partners within the Cargonomia project. Additionally he is the organizer of a number of educational workshops focusing on self-sufficient, autonomous and low-tech, high efficiency solutions for everyday life.


Flora Hellebrandt
, an active contributor to various self-managed cultural and social outreach initiatives in Budapest in particular those connected to the Frisco and Golya collective’s open workshop project. She is a bike messenger for Kantaa while also serving as a coordinator to help in optimizing deliveries.


Orsolya 1Orsolya Lazányi, is an ecological economist. As a researcher she has participated in various interdisciplinary projects exploring the relationship between human and nature. Among others she has dealt with ecosystem services, community supported agriculture and socio-economic impact of cultural heritage. At the moment, being a PhD student at the Corvinus University of Budapest she coordinates the participatory action research project of Cargonomia. During this research projects members of Cargonomia explore the activities and challenges of the organization.


Vincent Liegey
, Co-author of a “Degrowth Project” (Utopia, 2013), spokesperson of the French Degrowth movement. Engineer, transdiciplinary researcher on Degrowth and Transition. Co-founder of the social cooperative Cyclonomia, he is one of the coordinator of Cargonomia’s project.


LoganLogan Strenchock is the Environmental and Sustainability Officer at Central European University in Budapest, and is also an active participant in sustainable agriculture and conscious food consumption movements in Hungary. He is a trainee, partner and business development consultant for Zsámboki Biokert, Cargonomia’s organic farm partner located in Zsámbok, Hungary. He also helps organize the farm’s community outreach and youth education programming.