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EXPLOR2ING : Awareness, Communities and Edina Vadovics

Awareness, Communities and Degrowth :

In our previous interviews, one topic that kept coming up was education and raising awareness. Acting in favor of a degrowth society, or at least a sustainable one, requires being aware of these issues. Indeed, from citizens to decision-makers, there is a need to raise awareness.

But the real question is : how to do it? Which actors and organisations are able to address these issues? Which tools can be used to engage with citizens and act for the environment? 

For this fifth edition, we interview Edina Vadovics, co-founder and member of GreenDependent, a non-profit research and action organisation in the town of Gödöllő. We learn about local and community-based projects to implement sustainable long-term lifestyles.

Awareness-Communities – Edina-Vadovics

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