Cargonomia: What's that?

Sustainable urban transport

As a logistics center, Cargonomia offers solutions for environmentally friendly urban freight transport, with particular attention to the transport of quality foodstuffs producded in or around Budapest by bicycle. In addition to delivery, you can try out, rent or even buy different types of cargo bikes and ask for advice on your cargo transport problems.

Local, healthy food

Cargonomia is also a distribution center for local and regional organic food. Its goal is to directly connect producres with customers by creating a community point where food can be picked up or delivered in an environmentally friendly way, using cargo bikes. 

Community space

Cargonomia is a community space open to anyone. It is home to DIY workshops, skill-building workshops, debates and other cultural events that strive to create the conditions for a healthy and sustainable urban lifestyle. It provides space for community events that are organized around the themes of sustainability or non-growth.

Where to finds us

Cargonomia wall picture