You are currently viewing EXPLOR2ING : Housing, Urbanism and Levente Polyák

EXPLOR2ING : Housing, Urbanism and Levente Polyák

Housing, Urbanism and Degrowth :

Thinking of a degrowth society in a world becoming massively urbanised invites us to analyse the future forms of housing and urban planning.

What are the solutions that will allow us to live together in a sustainable city respecting planetary boundaries? What are the existing sustainable urban initiatives and committed actors in Hungary?

In this fourth edition we talk about urban planning, housing issues, commons and co-governance. We also discuss the notions of “Cooperative Cities” and “Civic Ecosystem”.

Thus, our new interviewee is Levente Polyak, urbanist at the KEK- Hungary Contemporary Architecture Center and member of Eutropian.

Housing-Urbanism – Levente Polyák

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