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Meet Cargonomia !

Cargonomia is always happy to share with you its projects and how its works ! Here is a new article published in Kafkadesk

< Cargonomia connects sustainable food production with the promotion of low-carbon transport solutions and advocacy for bicycle use. Every year, it organizes about 50 workshops for academics, children or the general public on topics ranging from sustainability and up-cycling to local food production, degrowth and the solidarity and circular economy. The cooperative shares its space with various like-minded, low-tech initiatives such as repair cafes and sewing workshops.

“When we started, one of our goals was to connect these pre-existing social initiatives” says Orsolya Lazányi, another co-founder of Cargonomia who is currently pursuing a PhD in ecological economics. She points out that the original idea for the venture came out of a conversation held, one night, on Budapest’s Liberty Bridge, when the future team members were seeking ways to simultaneously address different needs. The collective was eventually formed in 2015 by this group of friends from France, the United States and Hungary.

Cargonomia’s work is based on the values of sustainability, fair trade and reciprocity. There’s no fixed hierarchy and official team planning meetings are only scheduled when they deem them necessary. It’s a volunteer-based structure, with all of its members earning their income from other occupations, as diverse as their own background (academia, garden workers, teaching, logistics, consulting, etc.). … >

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