Bye bye Dembinszky
Cargonomia is looking for a new place!

Five years ago a group of friends and partners launched Cargonomia. We moved ourselves and our possessions by bike, from the legendary Szalon where everything started to our new headquarters at Dembinszky Utca 32., with support from KÉK’s Lakatlan project. At that time we started to use our new cargobikes and trailers which were constructed at Cyclonomia. One of our first projects was helping deliver the prepared locally grown catering products of our neighbour, the new founded Haziko, and the delicious organic bread of Pipacs Pékseg.

We had a great launching party with music, locally sourced refreshments, and an artistic performance. Since then, a lot of wonderful adventures, meetings, love stories, and positive drama happened… from the 5th International Degrowth conference, to Varronomia, from the Repair Cafe event series to the workshops on Degrowth, from the informal parties to the barbecues in the courtyard.

Our bike messenger partner Kantaa transformed into Aranykerek, we started to host trainees, launched the Közteherbringa community cargobike sharing system, added delicious Honest Toil Olive Oil to our list of offerings alongside Zsamboki biokert vegetables… New projects emerged, from Nagy Lepes to the Klímaerdő in Zuglo or the permaculture garden in Sas Hegy. Cyclonomia moved to Bertalan Lajos utca and some of our former partners helped launch Azta Community Workshop in Zuglo.

Thousands of bikers but also hundreds of journalists, students, researchers or just tourists visited us, wrote about us, made videos about our projects.

In the time of the pandemic, new cooperation was formed to provide support to Budapest citizens with our friends from Golya and Szatyor.
It is impossible to mention all the great projects, partnerships, friendships in detail, sorry for the ones we don’t mention here!

But… and it is not the end… we have to move out of our former community space. From the 9th of November, a new adventure will start, somewhere, with even more creativity, enthusiasm, conviviality and partnerships!

Stay tuned, also please feel free to help us find our next home:

  1. We are looking for a new place, in the city center, ground floor, ideally with a courtyard or space for accepting deliveries and storing cargobikes.

  2. We are looking for temporary spaces to park our cargobikes and pack some of our furniture till we find our new sweet home.

  3. Also, feel free to support us… it will help for a new beginning!

Cargonomia and its partners